3 Super Fun Camping Games For All Ages

When you’re listing down activities to do for a day or two of camping, especially when you plan to bring some kids along, don’t forget to include fun games that everyone can play. Remember that for first-timers, it may seem that there’s not a lot to do out in the woods so a few enjoyable activities will help them get warmed up. Try these super fun camping games that children and adults alike would surely enjoy:

Alphabet Game

This activity is challenging both to kids and adults and a great one to play whether you’re at camp or out hiking and exploring.

How to Play:

Give participants a pen and a piece of paper. While walking or camping, they need to find and write down objects starting with the letters of the alphabet, going from A through Z. You can opt to use phone cameras (especially for adults) for proof. This game can last for a day or the entire trip. The one with the most finds or the first one to Z wins!

Scavenger Hunt

This game is a classic camping game that just doesn’t get old. It can easily be modified for kids or for adults. It’s a good activity that promotes exploring and discovering cool things while at the great outdoors!

How to Play:

Make list of items that participants must find and bring back or take a picture of. The number of items depends on who’s playing or how long you want the hunt to last. You can do this with individuals, with pairs or up to a team of 4. Provide each participant or team with the list and let them know how much time they have for the hunt. It’s always fun to start with “Ready, Set, Hunt!”

Camping Storytime

A great activity to play during down time where everyone can join. It’s ideal to do this activity around the campfire with hot chocolate and some roasted marshmallows. It promotes creativity and of course, bonding, fun and laughter!

How to Play:

Participants will take turns telling any kind of campfire story. It could be a story from experience, something you heard or something completely made up. It could be funny, scary or wherever where the imagination takes you. After all participants have told their stories, everyone will vote which story they liked best. The storyteller with the most votes wins!

These super fun camping games for all ages will definitely make any camping trip super memorable!