Johannesburg Metro – Fun and Games in South Africa’s Economic Hub

Johannesburg Metro is found in the Central Western part of the Gauteng province on a elevated ridge called the Witwatersrand, an Afrikaans word meaning “White Water’s Ridge.” This ridge and range of hills is rich in Gold and other precious metals and has its origins in the Gold boom of yesteryear. The area is also known as the “Highveld” due to the high elevation of 1,753 metres (5,751 feet). The Metro enjoys a relatively dry climate with a summer rainfall, showers occurring in the late afternoon.

The Johannesburg Metro lies just west of the Ekurhuleni Metro. Johannesburg is the economic hub of South Africa and not normally scene as a tourist destination. Due to the volume of visitors passing through the Johannesburg Metro, tourist attractions have been developed to expose the interesting history and culture of this area. These include a number of museums, amusement park, zoo, galleries, sports stadiums and other attractions.

Some of the more popular attractions:

Gold Reef City

This former gold mine and restored mining town, transports visitors back in time to the days of the early gold rush. The mine offers underground tours, highlighting what it is like being a miner. At the mining museum, one can observe how real gold is poured into bars. In an around this mining town are an assortment of restaurants and shops

This historic theme park is a wonderful place to bring the whole family. The amusement park offers rides for young and old. For those less inclined to have their adrenaline glands working overtime, one can enjoy a steam-train or coach ride and enjoy the beautiful sights through the town.

Johannesburg Zoo

The Johannesburg Zoo is just over 100 years old and contains over 2000 animals. The zoo has partnered with local and provincial conservation authorities and proactively looks at contributing to our conservation and research in various ways. It also plays a primary roll in educating children in conservation. Children respond well to the touch, feel, smell and hear programme held throughout the year and the night tours are also quite popular. This is another wonderful place to bring the whole family.

Johannesburg Botanical Gardens

These gardens have created a beautiful retreat from the urban jungle of Johannesburg as it lies 6 km from the city centre. There are some popular areas inside the garden. The Herb Garden, highlights traditional African herbs as well as those for commonly used in our kitchens. The rose garden is a remarkable sight during flower season as over 4500 rose bushes display there colourful roses. For those in a contemplative mood can wonder through the Shakespeare Garden.

Although the area is known as a urban jungle, there are over ten million trees in and around the Johannesburg Metro. It is the 2nd biggest man-made forest in the world. Tree planting started as a supply for the mining industry and expanded over the years. The Metro council actively encourages tree planting and conservation awareness programmes focusing on the value of trees in the environment.

Next time you are flying into Johannesburg, think about spending a few days here enjoying these attractions.

3 Super Fun Camping Games For All Ages

When you’re listing down activities to do for a day or two of camping, especially when you plan to bring some kids along, don’t forget to include fun games that everyone can play. Remember that for first-timers, it may seem that there’s not a lot to do out in the woods so a few enjoyable activities will help them get warmed up. Try these super fun camping games that children and adults alike would surely enjoy:

Alphabet Game

This activity is challenging both to kids and adults and a great one to play whether you’re at camp or out hiking and exploring.

How to Play:

Give participants a pen and a piece of paper. While walking or camping, they need to find and write down objects starting with the letters of the alphabet, going from A through Z. You can opt to use phone cameras (especially for adults) for proof. This game can last for a day or the entire trip. The one with the most finds or the first one to Z wins!

Scavenger Hunt

This game is a classic camping game that just doesn’t get old. It can easily be modified for kids or for adults. It’s a good activity that promotes exploring and discovering cool things while at the great outdoors!

How to Play:

Make list of items that participants must find and bring back or take a picture of. The number of items depends on who’s playing or how long you want the hunt to last. You can do this with individuals, with pairs or up to a team of 4. Provide each participant or team with the list and let them know how much time they have for the hunt. It’s always fun to start with “Ready, Set, Hunt!”

Camping Storytime

A great activity to play during down time where everyone can join. It’s ideal to do this activity around the campfire with hot chocolate and some roasted marshmallows. It promotes creativity and of course, bonding, fun and laughter!

How to Play:

Participants will take turns telling any kind of campfire story. It could be a story from experience, something you heard or something completely made up. It could be funny, scary or wherever where the imagination takes you. After all participants have told their stories, everyone will vote which story they liked best. The storyteller with the most votes wins!

These super fun camping games for all ages will definitely make any camping trip super memorable!

What’s The Best Online Business For You?

There are all sorts of different online business programs, plans, ideas and concepts out there on the internet. Is one better than the other? It’s impossible to say that one works better than another because it all depends on the type of person you are. The type of online business that your next door neighbour runs might be highly profitable for them, but a real challenge for you.To help you decide on the best online business to suit you, here are the 3 popular online business models. They all work, but which one do you like best?1. You’ve No Products To Sell But You Want To Start Your Own Online BusinessIf you’ve woken up to the fact that the online business world is the biggest marketplace ever and people are buying and selling online all the time, but you’ve got nothing to sell, what can you do?Simple. You sell products or services that have been created by other businesses. This is called affiliate marketing. Think of it being like a commission paid sales person. You promote and sell products or services online and when you make a sale, the product owner pays you a commission.It’s a great way to start an online business because there are affiliate products available to sell in just about every industry you can imagine. You don’t have to pre-buy and hold any stock and the product owner sorts out the payment systems and product delivery.2. What If You’ve Got A Product (Or Product Idea) And You Want To Sell It Online?You don’t have to sell other people’s products if you’ve got your own. Plus, you get to keep all the profits. The best products to sell online are digital products. These can be in the format of an eBook, a report, a video course or an audio series. A digital products is something that a customer can download it instantly when they buy it from you. If you have an interest or special knowledge about a subject matter you can easily create a digital product and sell it online.Although there is a lot of free information on the internet, selling information in the form of courses, insider tips or tutorials is big business on the internet. The great thing about creating a digital product is that you only have to create it once and you can sell it time and time again.3. Have You’ve Got Skills That People Will Pay For?If you have a particular skill set you can sell those skills online. This could include business education, writing copy for websites, graphic design, website development and even being a virtual secretary. Websites like Elance and UpWork have a thousands of customers who are looking for people that can provide skills in return for payment. Are you one of those skilled people?